Disse tre skal kjempe om tittelen Norges beste bartender

Årets sikreste vårtegn er når den årlige bartenderkonkurransen World Class setter igang.
I år var 9 bartendere fra Oslo, Bergen og Trondheim samlet på Pakkhuset i Oslo for å konkurrere i verdens aller største bartenderkonkurranse, World Class.
De tre som går videre til den nordeuropeiske finalen i Amsterdam i begynnelsen av juli skal igjen konkurrere om tittelen Norges beste bartender og skal derfra konkurrere i World Class Global Final, som i år avholdes i Glasgow til høsten.

I dag møttes de 9 semifinalistene i Oslo der de skulle presentere sin cocktail laget med Johnnie Walker Black Label og et hjemmerøkt element.

Første bartender ut er Marius Østby fra baren Lukket Selskap i Bergen.

Han beskrivelse av drinken er slik:
«I believe that smoke as an ingredient is as dangerous as it is beautiful. It craves bold flavours, but demands balance.
The malt flavours of the whiskey together with chocolate and the spice of the red wine, creates a round and mellow base. While the herbs of the chartreuse challenges it just enough. But it is the play between the “salty” smoke from the peat and the “sweet” smoke from the cinnamon that frames all the ingredients together.»

50 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label10 ml creme de cacao 5 ml Green Chartreuse 20 ml red wine syrup, smoked with burnt cinnamon 10 ml citric acid sollution Stir all ingredients in mixing glass. Strain.
Antonio Fonseca fra TRE 23 BAR i Bergen hadde røkt ananas

Han beskrivelse av drinken er slik:
«TROPICÁLIA … the idea is to add a tropical touch into the Norwegian culture, passing through a bit to the Brazilian history together with my story in Norway and adding flavours that amplify one to another.»

Add all ingredients together, stir and pour into a hi-ball with a block of ice.
50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label 15ml Dry Madeira 5ml Falernum 40ml Smoked Pineapple juice 10ml Lime Juice 2 dashes Black walnuts bitters *smoked pineapple juice – smoked pineapple using bonfire method, juice pressed after cool down.
Kim Olsen fra Scandic Ørnen i Bergen.

Han beskrivelse av drinken er slik:
«In the hansaetic times Bergen met a hard period before the beginning of the 1500s, and it was one of the northest stops of the hansa cities, with a lot of boat traffic mostly for shopping dryfish. Then it went a getting better and it was this time the first scotish people came to Bergen to live here, the first whiskey arrived, people started to make their own Aquavit and a the first fruit trees was planted like cherry, plum, apple and pear. Almonds and almond milk was a big food resourse in europe by this time and came along as inportant energy sourse for the sailors. Around the same time cardemom from the ginger family was heading towards the nothest part of Europe. Almond in the porridge as tradition is coming from a game they played in the 1500s wich was called King Bean where you’d put a bean in the pudding for christmas. We had peat on most of our houses and used peat to make fire to keep the houses warm. And as we know it is smoke from peat thats used in the smoking process of Johnny Walker Black Label. Today we when we take a drink in the harbour with our fellow sailors we call it Anchor Dram, wich is inspired from this time, wich explains the name of my cocktail.»

ANCHOR DRAM All ingredients goes well together, the smoked orgeat syrup will give a nice roasted almonds taste. Ingredients: 30ml Johnny walker black 20ml Pear infused Aquavit 25ml Peat smoked orgeat 25ml Lemon juice Cardamom bitters Operation: Shake Finestrain Spray with cardemom bitters for cardemom aroma
Radek Cedivoda fra Odd Cocktailbar i Oslo.

Han beskrivelse av drinken er slik:
«For my cocktail with ‘science of smoke’ task, I have decided to use JW black label whisky due combination with my home brewed smoky oak lager for world class cocktail competition only. Thats why is my beer named ONLY.. becouse it is only brewed for this special occasion. With combo of idea for the drink combinating beer with whisky, which has been already multiple times used, even though I am just focused for my cocktail and with hope I have tried to create ONE original cocktail… Thats why is drink called: One (and only). Cheers.»

Let’s put 50ml of JW BL into shaker, 2 dashes of angostura bitter afterwards, 10ml of simple sirup on it and last ingredient in shake is HM chocolate-banana shrub. Add the ice into shaker, throw it few times 🙂 and pour in to small, chilled tumbler glass over big pice of ice and top up with ONLY homebrewed lager. Gentle stir of cocktail on the end and garnish with pecan nut with caramel.
Marek Novak fra Svanen i Oslo.

Han beskrivelse av drinken er slik:
«My creation takes inspiration from both geographical location and from a bar where I work. Geographically, my cocktail is recreating main tasting notes and flavor profile of Johnnie Walker Black Label, it is a salute to this whisky and it underlines the greatest Whisky from Scotland. Second part of my inspiration comes from a bar where I work. At Svanen, Oslo, we use modern techniques of extracting flavors and prefer minimalistic design of a cocktail. In the first place is always flavor and with this cocktail you simply get the most of Black Label, without hiding any of it’s properties.»

40ml Johnnie Walker Black Label 7.5ml Smoked Malted Barley Syrup 10ml Koji Fermented Barley brine Medium Charred Wood chips Rapid Infusion* Dark Fruit and Vanilla Hydrosol Pre-batch, stirred, strained over ice block *whole cocktail is rapidly “aged” with charred wood chips and CO2. The carbonization is after taken out in a vacuum.
Kasper Gulbrandsen fra Lysverket i Bergen gikk videre til finalen i World Class Nordics i fjor.

Han beskrivelse av drinken er slik:
«Bergen City Fires – walking through a history of smoke Since 1170 the historical Hanseatic trading hub of Bergen has been ravaged by no less than 35 devastating city fires that wrought destruction and misery upon its people. As a city known for its iconic wooden buildings constructed primarily with pine, the scent of burned wood is a defining characteristic of city fires. Alongside with anything else that the buildings contained. Throughout history Bergen has been the hometown of many fortune seeking nationals from countries including England, Germany and the Netherlands. They all brought distinct cultural features that has defined modern Bergen. In addition the frequent city fires laid set the premise for the urban planning and architecture. This cocktail distills 1000 years of Bergen history into a glass.»

50 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label 30 ml Belsazar Vermouth Red 7 ml Smoked beet juice quick boil and then smoke with original building materials from Bryggen in Bergen. Wood type: Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) 20 ml Cherry syrup Macerate sour cherries for 8 months in 50/50 simple syrup 10 ml Orange juice 10 ml PX sherry Shake with ice, double strain into chilled coupette. On glass: pine shaving from Bryggen. On table top: Ash and debris from the 1702 Bergen city fire.
Malin Stavsøien fra NordØst Food & Cocktails i Trondheim gikk også videre til den nordiske finalen i fjor.

Hun beskrivelse av drinken er slik:
«Northern Samurai For thousands of years flavours and inspiration have travelled between Europe and Asia, with ships by the roaring sea or brought back and forth along the silk road by walking merchants. My cocktail seeks to honor the heritage this exchange has created and allow Asian inspiration – the delicious flavour of smoked mango, the freshness of yuzu sake, and the spicy kick of wasabi – to enhance and strengthen the robust and smoky flavours of the Johnnie Walker Black Label.»

Kombu: Infuse high proof vodka with Kombu Seaweed. Let it sit for a week. Finestrain and use as a tincture. Smoked mango cordial: Mangopuré, water and sugar – bring to boil. When cooled down, smoke sencha tea with a smoking gun into the cordial. 50 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label 30 ml Smoked mango cordial 15 ml Yuzu Sake 10 ml Citric acid 1 bsp Kombu tincture 3 dash Angostura 5 drops wasabi oil
Dommer Hampus vurderer Malins cocktail.

Dette var de syv semifinalistene. Etter en times pause var det klart at disse tre går videre til den nordeuropeiske finalen av World Class i Amsterdam i starten av juli. Gratulerer til Marek fra Svanen i Oslo, Malin fra NordØst Food & Cocktails i Trondheim og Kasper Gulbrandsen fra Lysverket i Bergen!

Alle deltakere, arrangører og dommere.

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